Mattila Bros engages in edible insect business

By Santtu Vekkeli | General | No Comments

The locally well-known meat processing company Mattila Bros expands its operations into the edible insect business. The company, based in Ylöjärvi, near Tampere, Finland, is renown for its quality processed meats.

“The company has undertaken national distribution of novel insect-based foods and they are expected to be available for purchase in grocery shops before the end of the year. The first products to be made available insect-augmented vegetable patties, sausages and pasta”, comments Mr. Tero Sivula, managing director, Mattila Bros.

“The insects will hardly affect the taste in any way, but will contribute to a significantly higher protein content. This is also an ecologically and ethically sustainable source of protein.”, Mr. Sivula continues.

The novel food products require an expansion of the existing processing plant of the company in Ylöjärvi. A dedicated insect processing plant will be established as a joint venture with the entomotechnology company Nordic Insect Economy. This plant is expected to deliver thousands of kilogrammes of domestic produced insect powder for use by the food industry.

As interest in entomophagy has been keen, the business is also expected to expand into the export markets. Mr. Sivula projects a significant increase in the volume of business due to engagement in an emergent market. As of now, the demand for insect foods readily exceeds the supply.

Edible insects are a novel market in Finland that emerged due to a policy change by the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry in September. Since then, the entomophagy cluster has been intensively engaged with the regulatory authorities and food industry to make the market functional.