Largest food-grade insect rearing facility in Europe to be founded in Loviisa, Finland

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The Finnish company Nordic Insect Economy Ltd. is a key participant and is responsible for delivering the production facility and dispatching the insect material to the food industry.

The largest insect rearing facility in Europe is to be founded at the Strömfors Business Park in Loviisa, Finland, on the premises of the former Schneider Electric manufacturing plant.

“The decision to invest has been made and the last details concerning the schedule and eventual scope of the delivery are being worked out”, the founder of the rearing plant, Mr. Vesa-Matti Marjamäki commented.

The production capacity for the facility is planned at several tens of tonnes of insects annually from the outset. The technical facilities are delivered by Nordic Insect Economy Ltd. (NIE), which will in addition take on the responsibility of buying, processing and delivering the insects to the food industry.

“The project has made rapid progress since the decisions made this autumn by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Finnish Food Safety Authority, Evira. It is spectacular to note that we are at the vanguard of a trend from the outset in Finland. We aim at being, among our companions, the largest provider of insect rearing technology and food-grade insect-producing network”, managing director Sami Vekkeli of NIE commented.

The new facility is scheduled to begin production in the spring of 2018, where after the production is due to increase gradually. Nevertheless, the production capacity is planned to be several tens of tonnes per annum from the outset.

“Already during the initial phase, the facility is about 200 times larger than any present facility in Finland. The aim is to increase production during 2018 to expand into hundreds of tonnes per annum. If all goes according to plans, the facility is expected to employ about 20 persons at the end of 2018. We share a common goal with NIE are putting in a tremendous effort to achieve our growth goals”, Mr. Marjamäki envisages.

NIE is a Finnish company founded in 2014 that specialises in entomotechnology, the rearing and processing of food grade insects. Outside of Finland, the company has operations internationally, inter alia in Asia. The managing director of the company is Mr. Sami Vekkeli.

Mr. Vesa-Matti Marjamäki is an agricultural entrepreneur from Kouvola, Finland. The Uusitalo family owning the Strömfors Business Park also participates in the enterprise. 


For additional information, please contact:

Sami Vekkeli, managing director

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Vesa-Matti Marjamäki, agricultural entrepreneur

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