Finnish residents are open to eating insects

By Santtu Vekkeli | General | No Comments

Finland has a unique cluster of public research and private companies in the field of insect food. They have done an excellent job in promoting insect food and the opinions of local consumers here are very positive towards it!

“Some 70 percent of 585 respondents to a new study conducted by the University of Turku and the Natural Resources Institute said they are interested in insects as a foodstuff.
About 50 percent said they would gladly buy insect-based food if it were made available in stores. A third said they had already tried eating them in some form.

A Turku University release says Finnish residents were more open to the idea of eating insects than those from the other countries.
While half of Finns would be willing to eat bugs, less than 40 percent of Swedes, 30 percent of Czechs and just 25 percent of Germans surveyed said they’d do the same.”