Nordic Insect Economy Ltd is Finland’s first entomology company. NIE is business oriented, and it is committed to raising insects ethically, with attention to environmental and social consequences.

NIE Ltd offers complete, ready-to-use insect farming solutions for starting off small-to-medium sized edible insect farms, as well as more specialized stand-alone products aimed towards more established actors in the broader insect industry. NIE has combined safety, quality, efficiency and ethical farming practices to offer the best products in the current market that is oriented towards small-to-medium sized insect farms. The company is also active in the field of insect dining.

NIE Ltd was established in October 2014 by Santtu Vekkeli. It did not take long for his insect business to draw interest, and the one man business quickly grew into a multi-skill team. Prototypes are currently being built and tested in Kouvola, a city located 120 km from the capital Helsinki. At the moment, NIE is rapidly growing and productizing its research in order to start sales in the near future.

  • Mission NIE Ltd is committed to offering the technological, economical and ethical platform on which the new edible insect farming industry will flourish.
  • Vision Profitable, ethical and sustainable insect food business is an asset for all partners and customers.
  • Values NIE Ltd is committed to safety and fairness.