CEO Santtu Vekkeli at JCI European Conference 2016

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NIE Ltd CEO Santtu Vekkeli will be giving a speach at Green Business Forum which is part of JCI (Junior Chamber International) European Conference 2016 in Tampere, Finland. Book your tickets and come to hear NIE’s plans for future global insect economy.

When and where
Thursday 16.6.2016, 2—5 pm
Sokos Hotel Torni, Room 7

santtu kaantopoyta


Food insect revolution from Finland!

Nordic Insect Economy Ltd offers complete, ready-to-use insect farming solutions for starting off small-to-medium sized edible insect farms, as well as more specialized stand-alone products aimed towards more established actors in the broader insect industry. NIE’s farms and unique products are offered for cold, temperate and tropical climates. The whole concept is modular, ranging in size from small one part-time farmer’s enterprises to major size farms with tens of employees. NIE Ltd makes almost any building suitable for insect farming. NIE also offers required services for starting and successfully running a complete farm. The target is to enable people to farm insects globally!

Mr. Santtu Vekkeli is the CEO-inventor and founder of Nordic Insect Economy Ltd. Most of the tools and machines related to the company are basic inventions by him. His interest in food processing started during his studies at the University of Helsinki, where he obtained his Bachelor degree in Food Science. Since then he has found his passion in explaining the insect food business and theory. He believes that insects will be a significant contributor in global future food systems. Reasons to believe so arise from many advantages of insect farming when compared to traditional livestock. Insects need relatively small amount of water and feed. They cause only little greenhouse gas emissions and can be farmed indoors with great efficiency. This all combined with the good taste of insects has led to the now ongoing revolution in food insect production where only the sky is the limit at the moment.